Living Rosary Starts TODAY!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

On this very fitting day of our Lady, will be starting our newest Daughter's initiative, decided on at the last meeting: 

"Today, Sunday, October 07, 2012, 12,514,785 faithful servants are joined worldwide through the Living Rosary and united with Mary in prayer one decade at a time to hasten the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart and to bring about the Reign of Jesus Christ the King."

We are joining many, many faithful people throughout the world who together say many rosaries every day, one decade at a time. We will be on two teams ("St. Therese" and "St. Catherine of Siena" Teams) of 15 saying two full rosaries (15 decades) every day. So each of you will be assigned a decade of the Rosary (see attached spreadsheet) to pray each day. Every day you will meditate on the same mystery for the 2.5 minutes it takes you to say this and become very familiar with it. We will dedicate our rosaries to specific needs that arise within the Daughters community. 

The Rosary is the SECOND MOST POWERFUL PRAYER(after only the mass itself). So pray it with us, and watch the grace flow into your Life and those around you from our Lady's intercession!
For more information on this wonderful movement, check this out: a full history of this powerful prayer, check this out: