Founding Rush Aug 31st & Social Sept 4th

The Daughters of Isabella is an international sisterhood of over
70,000 Catholic women dedicated to Unity, Friendship, and Charity.
Interested in learning more? Join us!
Invitations to an informational session (Aug 31st) and social (Sept 4th) 
are below, along with an official welcome from our International Regent!

[ For all Catholic gentlemen viewing our site, thanks for your support
and please explore our male counterpart, the Harvard Knights of Columbus! ]

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Thank you for your time and interest!

Dear Friends, 

Christiane Chagnon
WELCOME to the Daughters of Isabella, one of the largest organizations of Catholic women, who strive each day to live their motto of Unity, Friendship and Charity.

Since our establishment in 1897, our members have dedicated themselves in many ways: time, energy, and financial contributions in their community. 

Today, the members work with the Catholic Church, family and charitable organizations through their volunteer services and financial contributions. Our members also support vocations and Respect of Life, from conception to natural death.

We invite all Catholic women to become part of our great family, by joining us in this work. It is my hope that you will find the answer to your needs in our wonderful and great organization!

With friendship,

Christiane Chagnon, International Regent
Daughters of Isabella, New Haven, CT